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Posts about my travel stories, or amazing people I met on road.

Bridge over the River Kwai overview and itinerary

The Bridge over the River Kwai (French: Le Pont de la Rivière Kwai) is a novel by the French novelist Pierre Boulle, published in French in 1952 and English translation by Xan Fielding in 1954. The story is fictional but... Continue Reading →


Audacious Chinese Girl

It was a tough decision for me to leave my regular corporate job and pursue my dream of traveling. For about a year, every day sitting in my office cubicle I used to dream of doing this. Somehow I managed... Continue Reading →

Karma Guy

During my journey in Thailand, I was in Phuket for 7 nights. Including the birthday (14th May). For the first time I was out of my country and far from friends, on my birthday. I decided to explore Phuket on... Continue Reading →

The Stimulus

I have always been a "Planned" guy, who does everything with a decent amount of planning and thinking. But somehow, the concept of unplanned traveling always exhilarates me. In the year 2015, I decided to go on my first solo... Continue Reading →

The man with the paintings

Today, on my way to Pattaya from Bangkok. I met a guy in the bus, named Alex Conte Lartelier. At first, he looked like a chain smoker, middle-aged American. Soon he started talking and asked me about where I am... Continue Reading →

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