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A bit of adrenaline rush near Delhi: Zipping in Neemrana Fort

There aren't too many options if you want to go for adventure sports near Delhi and return in a day without getting much exhausted or tired. Neemrana fort on  Gurugram-Jaipur Highway (2-3 hours drive from Delhi, Noida or Gurugram depending... Continue Reading →


5 must-see waterfalls in Southeast Asia

Waterfalls are a way of life for some travelers. Most backpackers actively try to find the most remote and peaceful waterfalls and Southeast Asia has a bunch of those. There is something about the thunderous crash of the water and... Continue Reading →

Kampot- an idyllic river town in Southern Cambodia

Kampot is one of the most idyllic and relaxed little river towns you will ever visit. With a new deep water harbor on the cards, it looks like thousands of Chinese tourists will descend upon Kampot before long. Bearing in... Continue Reading →

Nightlife in Aberdeen

By many viewed as the national past-time, the culture of drinking is alive and well in this remote corner of Scotland. The idea is that in order to warm up from the freezing winds, rain and fog or to keep... Continue Reading →

Dining in and around Aberdeen

For those weary travelers, freshly arrived in the Granite city one of the first stops is probably going to be one with food in mind, perhaps also a little bit of whisky – just to keep up appearances of course…... Continue Reading →

Aberdeenshire and its gems

Aberdeenshire is the region that surrounds Aberdeen, a town covered in the last post here. It has a rich history and hosts a number of ancient sites dating back as far as the Paleolithic age. During the bronze age it... Continue Reading →

Seaside villages in Scotland- where to go

Scotland has many beautiful seaside villages, remnants of the nation's once enormous fishing industry that supplied populations as far away as Russia and the towns of the Hanseatic League. Today little remains of the traditional subsistence modes of fishing, having... Continue Reading →

Getting to Speyside – Anywhere to Aberdeen plus where to stay

It is no secret that the ancestral home of whisky is Scotland. While Japan may be receiving the accolades in the international awards and tastings, India and a few other countries are making whisky on a small scale, the spiritual... Continue Reading →

Aberdeen – The best this city has to offer

Aberdeen, or the ‘Silver city with the Golden sands’, is Scotland’s third biggest city and has been populated for almost 8000 years, making it a prime area for history lovers. The prehistoric villages around the mouth of the Dee and... Continue Reading →

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