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Travel Tips: Things one should be careful of while traveling!

No matter whether you are traveling solo or in a group, there can be several things or opportunities that might spoil your mood or budget and can create inconvenience. the-drifter team with their experience of traveling across the globe and... Continue Reading →

Day Trip from Prague: Karlstejn Castle

One of the most obvious locations in Prague on every tourist must-visit list is Prague castle. Though a very promising castle in terms of its history and architecture, you have to spend time waiting in a long queue with a... Continue Reading →

Hotel Review : Hotel Garance, Paris

Paris is an all-time favorite city for couples from all over the world and most popular among tourists. Finding a decent hotel in the budget is a tough task in Paris which always experiences high demand. One needs to book... Continue Reading →

Day Trip from Prague : Liberec / Jested

Prague city is a whole package in itself. You can get to the old town for time travel to old classic times in Prague 1 or can hangout in Prague 5 or 6 and be back in 21st-century life. You... Continue Reading →

Hotel Review: Austria Trend Hotel Europa , Salzburg, Austria

Hotel location is very important. If you want to be at a walking distance to the city's main attractions as well as near to the city railway station and bus station for easy commuting and connectivity to various other must-visit... Continue Reading →

Hotel Review: ArtHotel ANA Prime, Vienna, Austria

Austria was the 6th country team drifter visited and First European country. Our very first entry point and the stop was the country's capital Vienna. Our two drifters were on a true pleasure trip as it was Europe. We were... Continue Reading →

Hotel Review: Hotel City, Zurich, Switzerland

Zurich: The cosmopolitan┬ácity┬áby the water combines creative urban life with nature in all its glory. We were looking for a hotel which will provide us the Zurich richness in aesthetics. We needed a place to relax as well as a... Continue Reading →

Hotel Review : Altstadt Hotel Magic Luzern, Lucerne, Switzerland

Lucerne is compact and easy to explore, with the old town and all the main sights within walking distance of the rail station. So, we stayed at a hotel which was walking distance from Bahnhof Luzern / railway station Lucerne... Continue Reading →

Kasol- Mecca for the Potheads

If you talk about going to Kasol here in North India, the very first thing that will come to mind will be "Hashish" and next would be the beautiful treks (Khir Ganga and Malana). My group and I was guilty... Continue Reading →

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