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Day Trip from Prague : Liberec / Jested

Prague city is a whole package in itself. You can get to the old town for time travel to old classic times in Prague 1 or can hangout in Prague 5 or 6 and be back in 21st-century life. You can be on hilltop roaming or cycling around in gardens or enjoy city views with history lessons, relaxing in a boat with a glass of wine.

Being among the top favorite cities of people all around the world, Prague sometimes becomes overwhelmed with tourists at every nook and corner. So if you are looking for places with real Czech experience, which is rarely touched by tourists and have very local Czech feel, we are bringing several places in Prague and day trips from Prague.

Today we will take you on a bus ride to a less travel city by tourists which is a gateway to a very adventurous skiing spot and a restaurant above the clouds.


Situated only 1.5 hrs bus ride away from the city center, Liberec is at the top place in our must-visit list. You can take a bus preferably RegioJet to Liberec from Florenc or Cerny Most. Both are accessible by the yellow metro line. Though buses to Liberec runs every hour, We suggest booking bus tickets through their app in advance to avoid the last-minute rush or missing the last seat.

Get down at the main bus station at Liberec and take a tram number 3 and go straightaway to Jested. Ješt?d Mountain which is 1011 meters in height. At altitudes from 1000 to 540 meters.


Jested is a good and close place from Prague to enjoy skiing. You can easily rent skiing equipment & snowboards if you dint pack them along. There are 13 routes of various difficulties (30% of blue routes, 50% of reds and 20% of black ones) with a total length of 9.2 kilometers. There are also 10 lifts

Learn skiing- 

Don’t know skiing.? Worry not as at the base of Jested there is a skiing school where you can get a tutor. Jested is for all, have various skiing zones for beginners to professionals. There are cable cars to reach your choice of skiing track.

Not into skiing…? No issues at all as Jested is a very beautiful mountain and you can enjoy the panoramic view of Czech, Poland, and Germany while having world-class meals on Jested Restaurant. A restaurant at the base of a TV tower, which is literally above the clouds or in the clouds among snow in winters.


We highly recommend reaching there through a beautiful trek covered with snow. Sit on benches along the way, take a moment to enjoy the natural beauty. The trek itself provides wonderful Instagram opportunities.

Stay- If you fell in love with the beauty and view from Jested, of which we are sure about, you can stay in this hotel too. The rooms look like spaceship cabins with a dazzling view.

the winter is here

Although when we visited it in February, it was a totally different once in a lifetime experience as if we are Mt. Everest summit. From Game Of Thrones, white-walkers fame ground blizzard that increased our thrill to 2012 movie level, like doomsday freezing wind experience.

This place is least touristy and is mostly visited by locals.

Explore the city

After enjoying your skiing adventure and relaxing at the hotel head down to Liberec. The old town center is a must-visit. For kids, there is a zoo in the city.

Stroll around the city to discover Feast of Giant, the bus stop Sokolská u zdi has an unusual sculpture represents a huge table and bronze chairs. On the table there is a strange meal: mugs, a vase, a dish with the head of the Reich Chancellor of these places during the Nazi occupation protruded with a knife and a fork,

shop and be back to Prague by bus in the evening.

If you are not short on days on your visit to Prague then we suggest spending a night in Liberec.

Visit the 16th century, in the Renaissance style Liberec Castle, at that time it was one of the first brick buildings of Liberec.

Observation Points

Observe the great geographical location and marvelous picturesque nature around. Choose from below

  • Bramberk – 21-meter stone tower of the early 20th century. The tower is open from 9.30 a.m. to 4 p.m.
  • Black source – 26-meter observation granite tower of the early 20th century. It offers an excellent view of the surrounding area. The tower is open from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m.
  • Liberec height – It is a romantic stone tower with a restaurant in the form of a medieval castle

Your visit to Liberec/Jested will surely flood your facebook & instagram with beautiful captures

Keep tuned with The-drifter for more day-trip suggestions and places to visit

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