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7 Reasons every woman should travel solo at least once in her lifetime

Travel to know how a free soul feels like

For this one time, it will be just about YOU, wherever you want to go whenever you want to go, with no added drama or baggage of a group, family or tag-alongs!

If you just want to stare at a view for hours, get lost in another culture, anything you want to do, you can do without that guilt or added pressure that you’re making someone else wait or there are any other plans (which you don’t want to be a part of). That sense of freedom, even if for a couple of days, is something you’ll cherish forever and may get addicted to as well.

One of the perks of traveling solo is it is you and only you who gets to choose the destination. Perhaps the place you want to visit does not catch the fancy of anyone else you know but Who Cares!


You get to ditch that same old pizza

How often do you try new cuisine? Admit it, we all fall back to patterns of ease and comfort of the known. This solo travel will force you to be in a new place and try out new cuisine apart from what you’ve daily or every other weekend with friends.

You’ll be surprised how different the same cuisine can taste at a different place.  You will learn to differentiate the food served in general in metro cities we live, from the authentic food from where it originates. What else, your taste vocabulary for dishes will enhance considerably!


You’ll form unexpected friendships

Most of us limit ourselves to a limited friend circle from school, college and workplace. How many of us have friends that transcend the barrier of profession, language, nation, class and similar mental blocks imposed on us by the immediate society we live in?

Since you won’t be in a group, you’ll seek to speak to different people and you’ll form friendships without judgments. Few of them won’t last and few of them will be for a lifetime.

That bartender, that plumber, that coffee-shop girl, that army veteran, that doctor– you’ll know them as a person first and then by profession and these beautiful experiences you’ll hardly get while traveling in a group where you’re confined to the comfort of known or in your own hometown.


Yes, woman, everything you need can fit into just one Backpack!

Let’s admit it, ladies, over-packing is the vice most of us in our community are blessed with inherently. Remember, being mocked by guys especially, for those large suitcases you carry for the shortest of the trips. Most of us buy and carry things which are not required at all.

Chances are high, via Solo Travel you’ll learn the minimalistic approach to life. You’ll realize how little you need for a comfortable living. And even if you don’t, since you’ve to carry the luggage all by yourself this time, you’ll learn only one backpack at a time can be your best friend and yes it can fit everything you need.


You’ll graduate in Fastest Money Management Course

Travel is the most underrated money management guru. In a group, chances are high someone else is doing all the planning and managing the expenses and you just have to settle the balances in the end.

However while solo traveling, you’ve to plan everything and fit as per your budget on your own. You may end up realizing (happened with me) that eating out at a fancy restaurant or buying that dress just to be worn once wasn’t worth it because in the same amount of money you can afford a 2 day stay with meals at a new unexplored destination. You’ll start spending and saving accordingly hence managing your money in a much efficient way than before. The F (finance) word will not scare you anymore.


#Youdidit #Achiever #Respect

Solo travel is not that easy and if you think it is, then try it out first. However, once done you’ll never be the same again.

Of course, you’ll gain a new perspective for the world as your existing ones will be challenged around however you’ll gain a new sense of confidence and respect for yourself which will be irreplaceable.

There will be times when you’ll be all alone, you’ll have to reach out to strangers, god forbid but unpleasant situations may arise which you’ll have to take care of all by yourself. But in the end, it will be all worth it. You’ll know what you’re made of!


Who knows you may find someone special 🙂

Okay I’m being a little too optimistic and romantic here however what is life without hope?

If you’re single and looking to mingle, traveling solo is one of your best bets to find The One! Of course there might be other solo travelers or the ones in groups however being solo makes you more approachable and open to new interactions with fellow humans which you might not if traveling in the comfort of a group.


I gave you my reasons, if you think differently, comments are invited and welcome. So what do you think, ladies? Are you gonna take that solo plunge now? 😉


  • Shalini
    March 30, 2017

    Nicely written and agree with all the reasons. Glad you are able to do what you dream.

  • October 17, 2017

    I totally agree with this. After my first trip alone I booked three more the same year plus short getaways for only a day or two to another city. It is liberating and just the best thing to do, no doubt everyone should try it. I have a similar post up on my blog over at, pretty much similar views on it. Great content!


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