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The 5 most thrilling adventure activities you have to try

While going on a holiday some people just want to relax and escape reality while others are looking for the perfect adrenalin rush. Collecting experiences you can proudly share with your family and friends after an exciting trip. Snapping pictures of yourself doing the bravest things and overcoming your fears. These are just some of the reasons why you should definitely check out this list and plan your next adventure today.

Scuba diving

Underwater is a whole new world to explore and something many people dream of. There are several places you could visit in order to find the perfect diving spot. You can either bring your own equipment or borrow it there. Many places also offer courses for beginners, where you have a guide who shows you how to do it safely and where to go. One of the most famous spots is Indonesia. It is known for its huge variety of marine life, beautiful reefs, and crystal clear water. In order to keep the sea clean and protect the wildlife, many scuba diving parks will charge fees up to 100 USD. Additionally, most places will charge for equipment, introductory courses, and tour guides. These payments can vary from 100 to 250 USD. The best time to visit Indonesia for scuba diving is between May and September. Further information and booking options can be found here.

Another interesting place for scuba diving is Thailand. With its rich underwater flora and fauna, it is the perfect spot for getting close to colorful fish and corals. you can book your trip for around 150 USD here.

If you would like to dive somewhere in India Andaman and Nicobar Islands are the places for you. Here you will be able to see sharks, sea turtles, and beautiful manta rays. Various courses with different prices and routes can be booked directly trough this link.



If you prefer air over water you might want to check out Skydiving. It has gained a lot of popularity over the last few years. This also plays into the fact, that there are now many places that offer skydiving for beginners or professionals. One of the most beautiful places to see from a bird’s perspective is Interlaken in Switzerland. It is surrounded by two lakes, the Alps, and beautiful woods. They offer a lot of different options for beginners, younger costumers but also for people who already have some experience with skydiving. The prices range from 374 to about 679 USD. For more information and bookings you can visit their website.

Switzerland is a little too cold for you? Then you should probably check out Sydney and Rockingham (Western Australia). Both places offer jumps for beginners and more advanced adventurers. For 190 USD you can book your skydiving experience in Sydney via Expedia here. Rockingham offers you a beautiful beach scenery and for 219 USD you can also see it from above. Expedia offers this great deal here.


Bungee Jumping

Another adrenalin kick can be found in bungee jumping. It might be one of the oldest adventures of this kind but it never lost its appeal. Standing on a bridge with a wild river rushing below you can be exciting enough. But jumping off that bridge is a whole new level excitement. This exact experience can be found in Nepal. The Last Resort is one of the most famous and popular bungee jumping spots worldwide. For 95 USD you will be transported to the bridge, get proper instructions and then you will be able to jump. Other offers and booking options can be found here.

You would rather go to New Zealand? Then maybe this place is for you. Christchurch offers an adrenalin rushing jump from a historic bridge for 120 USD. Dropping 35m down head first is going to be an unforgettable experience for anyone. Or maybe you prefer to end your jump by dipping into the fresh waters of Waikato River. For 120 USD you can book this adventure right here.


Whale safari:

You have always wanted to see orcas up close? Seeing these majestic creatures just a few meters away from you definitely is an experience you shouldn’t miss. You can either watch them from the safety of a boat or snorkel right next to them getting an even closer look at these beauties. Safaris like that are offered in Tysfjord, Norway from mid-December to mid-February. If you want to take your chance you should not be afraid of the cold and be prepared. So better bring some warm clothes and enjoy the hot tea that is included afterward. For around 170 USD you will get a whole lot of program with a warm meal, transportation, an introduction and a lot more. For more information please visit their official website.

You also want to see Sea lions, seals, and bald eagles? Then Vancouver is the place for you to go. Offers and bookings can be found here.

Dolphins are the only sea creatures you really love? Then maybe you should check out the Dolphin & Whale Watching Cruise  in St.Lucia. This trip offers a 3-hour whale watching tour where you will be able to spot dolphins. For more information and booking please have a look at this page.



Another way to see the world from above is Paragliding. It might not be that much of an adrenaline rush but it is definitely worth the view. Seeing the world from this perspective is a whole new experience for the most of us. Not only is it something beginners can enjoy, but also people who have already experienced it will probably want to do it over and over again. One of the most beautiful places to go paragliding is Oludeniz in Turkey. From April to November you will be able to enjoy the beautiful Turkish beach from up high. A tandem paragliding flight will cost you about 92 USD. For pictures, FAQ and bookings please have a look at their official website.

Another great place for paragliding is Gran Canaria. The beautiful scenery of this island is the perfect spot to go on this adventure. Updates on prices and booking can be found here.

You have always wanted to see Malibu from above? Then you should definitely check out this link. This tandem paragliding flight will make all your dreams come true. For 200 USD you will be properly instructed and fly with a professional guide over Malibu’s most beautiful places.


Did we forget your favorite type of adventure? Have you ever been to one of those places or are you planning to go to one soon? Tell us about it in the comments below and share your experiences and tips!

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