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7 Essentials every Pro-traveller carries

Planning a vacation or a camping trip is always an exciting and sometimes stressful thing to do. What is important and what is just useless weight? Aside from the basics like clothes, your passport, your credit card, and hygiene products you might also want to consider to bring these 7 essentials every pro traveler carries.


Maybe the most obvious essential for a pro-traveler is a camera. Whether it is a digital camera, a DSLR camera or just your smartphone; capturing your experiences and adventures is a must. So whenever you feel the wanderlust coming you can look at the pictures and they will take you back to your favorite places. But don’t let the picture-snapping be your main priority. Experiencing your surroundings without being distracted by a camera is just as important as getting one or two good shots. So take some pictures and put the camera away after that to enjoy the beauty of a foreign country.



A journal or a travel diary is one of the best ways to collect all your memories, feelings and impressions during your journey. Not only is it a great souvenir for yourself but it also has a very practical aspect. Keeping track of your money and time schedule can be very difficult during a vacation. Having a journal at hand to note everything down can be immensely helpful. When choosing the one you should try to find something that is steady enough to survive several hours a day in a backpack or handbag. It shouldn’t be too big so you can take it with you wherever you might need it. Also, a nice extra is journaled with an inbuilt envelope for receipts, tickets, and extra notes. You can find something like this at your local book shop or on various websites like amazon.

Not a fan of old fashioned books and pens? Of course, you can always use your tablet or laptop for the exact same purpose. Just download a travel journal app like VOLO and get started. Not only does this free app allow you to save routes, quotes, and notes, but it also allows you to share your adventures. But don’t forget your mobile charger so your battery will never run too low.

Antibacterial wipes

Traveling is not always something that happens in a very sanitary way. Especially while camping, you will have to learn to get your hands dirty. Whether it is in a subway, a public toilet, a bus stop or a not very well cleaned hotel room, sometimes you just need that extra feeling of cleanliness. A package of those wipes can go a long way and you can use them for different surfaces. But be cautious! Those are cleaning products which are most of the time not meant to be used on your hands. So investing in some hand sanitizer might be a good addition. Both of these products can be purchased at the next drugstore.

Spare change

This might seem very obvious but having some spare change at hand can sometimes make or break a situation. Especially in a time where you can use your credit card to pay for almost everything without a problem there are still these little occasions where you just need some cash. Especially in Europe, there are several countries where you have to pay to use public toilets and you can only enter if you pay with cash.  Also, a good tip is to keep your cash separate from your credit card. So in case one gets stolen, you will still have the other. To avoid expensive fees for changing the currency try to find a bank that changes money without fees or big tourist information. Those are often operated by the government and won’t overcharge you.


Superglue or duct tape

Superglue or duct tape might not be something that is on your checklist for your next vacation, but it definitely should be. Just imagine the sole of your shoe getting loose. Superglue has your back. Your tent has a hole and it is raining outside? Duct tape will save your day. There are millions of ways to use either of them and a small amount goes a long way. Superglue can be bought in any craft store and duct tape can be found in every hardware store or property market.

A first aid kit

If you are going on a fancy cruise or an all-inclusive vacation you probably won’t need this. But if you plan on going hiking, camping or biking, a first aid kit is definitely essential. It should contain something to disinfect wounds (this is often not included in smaller first aid kits so check that first), band-aids, wound pads, bandages, and ventilator-help. You might not need it during every trip, but if you need it you will be very thankful to have it.     Basic first aid kits can be often bought at a drugstore or at your local pharmacy. If you are taking one with you that you had been lying around for some time make sure, that everything is still in there and that the packages are properly sealed.



And last but not least: Snacks. It doesn’t matter if it is an apple, a granola bar or just some chocolate. Snacks can sometimes save you. In some countries, supermarkets are closed on Sundays and have limited opening hours for the rest of the week. If you are used to being able to shop 24/7 this can be a problem for you. But also during a long bus or train ride where you don’t really have the possibility to buy food a little snack can help a lot. Not only does it help to bring your energy level up but also your mood. If you want to bring food from your home make sure you are allowed to bring it with you as some countries have restrictions on what kinds of food you are allowed to bring.

So after checking this list you should be good to go on a well-prepared trip. Or did we miss anything? What are your essentials and must-haves for every trip?


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