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Hi All,

I am also a travel lover just like you, during my Southeast Asia trip, I met a lot of awesome people. Of all the beautiful memories that I have, there is one thing that I never liked. Everyone I met, either wanted to visit India or have visited before. But some of them had bad experiences because of scams, thieves or simply lack of knowledge.

I read about these scams in my home country, my hometown too. Being a traveler, I understand how bad it feels to be a victim of such a scam. I can tell you one thing, the Government of India always takes these issues on high priority and works to improve the experience of tourists. But still, there is a lot to be done.

Knowing this fact, I have decided to do my share.

If you are a foreigner visiting India, and you are not able to find the required details/information feel free to contact me. What I can help you with:

  • Giving you the proper details about train, flight, bus bookings. (Please remember I am not a booking agent)
  • Help you avoid a scam, if you think someone is trying to scam you. You can ask me what to do.
  • General inquiry about places to visit, how to buy entrance tickets.
  • Or any other related question.

I am in process of creating a document which will list the common scams, proper information of train, flight, bus bookings, emergency contact numbers in India etc.

If I am able to help the experience of even one person, I would be happy. If you have any suggestions feel free to comment.

Note: I am doing this just because I understand the need. Not interested in making any income from any of this. 

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