It was a tough decision for me to leave my regular corporate job and pursue my dream of traveling. For about a year, every day sitting in my office cubicle I used to dream of doing this. Somehow I managed to do it .. somehow I got the courage to do it after so long.

While wandering in the west coast of Thailand, I had to cancel my trip to Koh Tao, an island in Surat Thani district. It’s because of thunderstorm warning on the island. I was told about this warning by a Chinese girl whom I met in Koh Samui (another Island) a few days back. So, at the last moment, I had to change my plans and go back to the mainland. When I reached Surat Thani, we (me and the Chinese girl) decided to meet again, as she lives in Surat Thani and teaches in a school.

We met and spent some time together for around a day, traveling around, eating, talking. Here is her story,

She is from China, after completing her education there. She decided to pursue her dream of traveling the world. It took her around a week to leave all back in China. She took some money from a friend and bought a cheap flight ticket to Thailand. Here in Thailand, she is living for about a year now and teaches English and Chinese in a school in Surat Thani. As she loves traveling, she manages to live in as little as possible. Hichicking, meeting strangers, exploring new places is something she does almost every week. Her hickhiking stories were amazing. Some of those are really thrilling and exciting.

For all the time when I was dreaming about pursuing my dream of traveling. I used to think I am not able to do it because I don’t have the enough money or resources. But after meeting her, I realized that what I was missing for all those days was courage to do what I want. It took her a week to do the same thing, which took me a year. Now, she has already traveled a major part of Thailand and determined to travel the world alone.

It was inspiring and fascinating at the same time to meet a person like this. She helped me finding my transport options to my next destination, Chumphon, from where I will fly to Bangkok. We talked about culture, people, country and realized that a lot is same in India and China.

It’s always exciting for a lone traveler, to meet someone who can speak your language and carry the same dreams. Wishing her good luck for her plans in life, I took the minivan this morning, to Chumphon. Writing this blog in the minivan, I realize that everyone has a story of his/her fight to chase the dream they are carrying.

Having a dream to live for, is what makes us alive.