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During my journey in Thailand, I was in Phuket for 7 nights. Including the birthday (14th May). For the first time I was out of my country and far from friends, on my birthday. I decided to explore Phuket on a rented scooter for the whole day. Starting with Big Buddha Hill I planned to go to Karon Beach, Rawai Beach, and Prompthep Cape view point.

It was a sunny day, and I loved driving my scooter over hilly roads of Phuket town. After driving for around 30 minutes, I reached Big Buddha hill. Not being a very religious person, I was more interested in looking for the views of Phuket town than the Buddha temple. Indeed, I admit that it’s a great place to visit because you get the superb view of the town and get to see an incredible structure of Buddha. Here is a picture of the Big Buddha and the view.



After that, I went to Rawai Beach which is a small beach with trees you can rest and small restaurants to eat. On my way, I went to a place which was very calm and only a few people were sitting there. But it was astonishing to sit there and watch the silent sea and boats floating over it. Here is a view:


Next was another place, which was Prompthep Cape view point. It is one of the best viewpoints in Phuket. Here is another picture,


Already tired, I started driving toward my hotel on Patong Beach. On my way, I saw a place with some elephants. Stopped to see them playing with each other, as soon as I stopped. I noticed a young guy walking with a backpack just behind me, all wet in sweat. As I was alone so I asked him if he needs a ride. He looked surprised first, but then he asked about the way I am going and we found he needed to go to Karon beach which was on my way. So, both of us now riding towards our destination on the same bike.  We started talking, he asked me about the where I am from and what do I do in Phuket. Listening to my answers, he was happy and surprised.

Here is his part of story,

He is a Russian, working in Phuket for some time. His bike got breakdown while he was visiting a temple nearby and he had to go to work. He tried asking for a ride to many but no one stopped. So decided to walk the next 15-20 kilometers. He said he gave money to “Ganesha” (Hindu God) in the temple. He was feeling unlucky to be in that situation. so, here I come riding alone on my bike … He got a ride to his work and I met a new friend in town ….the guy was Mikhail Muzalkov. We exchanged numbers, sent a Facebook friend request.

As I was going to be in Phuket for another few days, we decided that we will meet. On 16th May, we met again and went to Karon beach for a swim. On my last day in Phuket, I called Mikhail and we decided to meet in the evening.

We met on the road near my hotel and started walking towards the Patong beach. We talked about our lives and future plans. He was a guy from Russia and used to work as a Project manager. He has helped many people open Bars and Pubs but he himself doesn’t drink.

Sitting near the beach, with a drink in hand… both of us talked about our journey and future plans. It was amazing to listen to some of his thoughts. Sitting on the side of a road, which hosts one of the world’s most famous places for a party. He said he can go to parties, get drunk and have fun like all others. But he doesn’t find it interesting anymore. He said,

“I find work more interesting I want to work a lot I want to be successful in what I do”

On asking if he thinks it was a right decision to leave his job in Russia and start traveling to countries and work… his answer was brilliant:

 “If you see a big mountain, and you climb it. The first thing you see next, is a bigger mountain and then you want to climb the next one. But to climb the next, you have to go down of this mountain first. I think, this is the time I am going down the first mountain. But soon will climb a bigger one” 

I was amazed to listen to his thoughts, he said he has learned about a lot of religions and finds everyone interesting. We talked about many more things, like why Indian and Russians can not speak in the English accent, which is the best coffee in Indonesia, plans of future and few other random things. As I had to catch a bus early morning the next day, we decided to go back. While walking from the beach to our places, we were not sure if we will be meeting again in this life or not. But it was fun to have a friend in an unknown city, who thinks so much like me. I wished him great success in his life, and with small hope of meeting again… we parted our ways.


  • Kanika
    May 29, 2016

    If you see a big mountain and climb it. The first thing you see next is a bigger mountain and so you want to climb the next one. But if you want to climb the next, you have to go down of this mountain first. I think, this is the time I am going down the first mountain. But soon will climb a bigger one” —- very interesting


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